Flexible In-House Financing For Homes, Commercial Buildings

Convenient, Competitive Financing for Home buyers!

Finding a home that’s right for you is only half of the battle—financing it can be equally challenging. To make your home buying process more efficient, Northstar Homes Inc. offers a variety of in-house financing options for home buyers in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming.

Similar to our dedication to providing customization in all of our system built homes, we believe home financing needs to be flexible to best meet your needs. Northstar Homes has established relationships with top lenders who work with our clients to find financing that works for you.

AVAILABLE NOW: A no-down, VA custom home construction-to-perm loan.

Financing Available - NorthStar Homes

Credit Rehabilitation Makes Homeownership a Reality for More People

With rent prices in Fort Collins and the surrounding area skyrocketing during the past several years, home ownership can be all the more appealing to Colorado residents. Modular and system built homes are perfect for first-time home buyers as you can build equity in the home of your own. Yet, a low credit score can make financing your home tough unless you come to Northstar Homes. We offer a credit rehabilitation program for most applicants so that you can boost your credit score during the home construction process. From first-time home buyers to people who hit a string of bad luck, our credit rehabilitation program can help you get a foot in the door when it comes to home ownership.

Flexible Financing With Integrity

From construction financing to long-term commercial financing, Northstar Homes strives to provide quality financing options for all of our customers. Our in-house financing can make the buying process easier and more efficient, saving you the time and hassle of coordinating with outside lenders. Should you choose to work with an outside lender, our “take to the bank numbers” are the best in the market, providing integrity of documents that lenders appreciate and homeowners can trust.