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Advantages of Investing in a systembuilt Home

Many people looking to buy or build a new home are not aware of the many advantages that come with investing in a systembuilt home. A lot of people understandably get confused with the term and think that a systembuilt home is the same as a mobile or modular home. The reality is a systembuilt home is the same thing as an on-site built home that’s constructed in a controlled environment with higher quality control.

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Why choose system-built

When a house is stick-built on-site, it is done in phases, and nothing happens with a phase until the preceding phase is completed. For example, the floor is not framed until the foundation is poured and cured. The walls are not framed until the entire floor is decked, and the roof framing is not started until all of the walls are framed, and so on down the line. They’re also exposed to the weather leaving the critical internal skeleton exposed to the rain, snow, extreme cold, and heat.

Advantages of Building in a Controlled Environment

Because systembuilt homes are constructed in an indoor controlled environment, all aspects of the construction can be worked on simultaneously. This dramatically reduces construction time.
Your house construction and foundation work begin at the same time.

  • Your house will never get rained or snowed on during its construction, ensuring that the critical supporting structures of your home are always kept dry and never compromised during the construction process, unlike on-site homes.
  • The framing is done on jigs to ensure they are straight and square.
  • Installation of the plumbing, heating, and electrical systems begins with the floor framing.
  • Drywall installation begins with the framing of the walls because your house is built in a  controlled environment.
  • As the construction and finish of the house continue, all types of processes are overlapped and occur simultaneously. In most cases, a custom home is built in three weeks.

More Efficient and Predictable Turnaround

All of this results in savings, both in the time that it takes and the cost of construction loan
interest. Another benefit is that the time that it will take is predictable with a great degree of accuracy. There are no weather-related work stoppages, and the entire team is on the same schedule, so there are no delays in the project because one subcontractor is tied up on another job or on vacation.

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Highest Level of Quality Control

There is one more feature that is part of the building center process that will not be found on any site-built project. The typical scenario in on-site construction is that the houses are inspected at only specific stages. systembuilt homes have personnel that inspect the houses continually.

Armed with checklists, test equipment, blueprints, experience, and a keen eye, these in-house quality control inspectors are on the job full-time to ensure that your home is built according to all applicable codes, manufacturer’s installation instructions, approved plans, and good building practices.

Reduced Labor Costs

Labor costs are reduced as well because one team builds your house. You do not have to pay for the built-in overhead costs of using different sub-contractors. The price is also guaranteed – you don’t pay for someone’s mistakes or miscalculations. Each team member in the building center is highly proficient at their area of expertise as a result of extensive training, continual quality checks, and state-of-the-art equipment used during construction.

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