Why Northstar Homes – Custom Systembuilt Homes

Colorado’s Custom Systembuilt Home Leaders

Ranch, Two-Story, Cape, Multi-Family, Apartment Homes, and More!

Northstar Homes understands that when it comes to your custom home preferences, everyone has something unique in mind. From square footage and kitchen cabinetry to flooring and tile work, you should get exactly what you want. To accommodate all budgets and styles, Northstar Homes offers customization for every aspect of your home. Systembuilt homes are built to meet your needs and preferences.

Northstar Homes offers three classes of systembuilt homes, each of which is fully customizable.

Everyday Homes

Eastland 480

These custom homes are a great entry point for first-time homeowners and people looking to build equity.

Enhanced Homes

Loveland 480

Take home ownership to the next level with more square footage and high-end finishings.

Extraordinary Homes

Reinebold 480

Experience the highest level of luxury customization both on the exterior and interior


Cabin Homes

Cabin Homes offer the look and feel of a real a cabin-style home that you’ve always dreamed of living in.

ADA Accessible Custom Homes

Northstar custom-built homes can be made ADA adaptable. We have decades of experience maximizing narrow lots and building entry-level housing for infill housing. Our efficient systembuilt process minimizes construction time, noise, and costs while providing affordable housing in urban areas.

Normandy ada 720
Frat Vance 720

Rural Home Building Experts

Thinking about replacing your century-old farmhouse with an energy-efficient modern home? Northstar Homes specializes in rural home building, farm, and ranching housing, and scattered lot construction. We go where most Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming home builders don’t venture.

Full Turnkey Service for Home Buying and Building in Colorado

As Colorado’s Custom Built Home Leader, Northstar Homes doesn’t stop with your custom-built home order. Depending on your location, we can handle the complete construction process, from building permits to excavation. We also offer unheard of in-house financing with rates on par with current market rates.

Systembuilt Homes Styles

Getting the home you want is easy with Northstar Homes. You select the size and style, then we build it to meet your unique needs and desires. Whether you want a 4-unit condominium or 50-unit apartment building. Northstar systembuilt homes come in a variety of floor plans and styles to best meet your needs and are always customizable.

As the nation’s largest modular homes manufacturer, it’s no surprise that we have over 100 Modular Homes to choose from. Browse our floor plans and property specs to find the home that is right for you.


We have five different categories of custom-modular homes: Ranch-Style Modular Homes, Cabin Homes, Cape Cod Homes, Two-Story Homes, and Multi-family Homes. Within each category, you can choose from three different levels: Everyday Homes, Enhanced Homes, and Extraordinary Homes. With so many options to choose from, we know that we have your dream home! 


Unsure about a specific part? No worries, all homes are entirely customizable!