What’s New at Northstar Homes Colorado

Ask about these exciting design packages of Modular Homes: Rustic Elegance, Casement Windows, Organize Your Kitchen, the Grand Bathroom, the Oasis Bathroom, the Monogram Bathroom, LED Lighting Package and new Fireplace options. Pick a package or two or more to make customizing your new home quick and easy!

Remember: if you don’t see it on display and you can’t find it one of the many brochures, that does not mean that we have not or cannot do it. Just ask.


In a poll where American’s identified themselves as recently stressed, 84% of those said that they were concerned that their home was not organized enough and the main culprit was clutter. It seems that for some of us, no matter how large our home is, there just does not seem to be enough storage space. The good news is that we don’t necessarily have to make the home larger, we just need to maximize the use of the available space. Kitchens are a prime target for enhanced storage opportunities. We have a list for that: Lazy Susans in base and overhead cabinets, stow away standing mixer shelf, cabinet door mounted cutting boards, pull out shelves, cutlery drawer, spice rack, pots-and-pull outs, cookie sheet divider, sink base tip outs. And that is just Page 1 of the list. We also offer locker cabinets, hall trees, study desks and other organizing options for Kitchen, Utility Room, Bed, Bath and Living spaces. Come in, check it out.


1093 sq. ft. + 680 sq. ft. unfinished second floor.

Cabin-look with 9/12 roof, dormers, trapezoid windows, knotty pine interior trim, hickory cabinets.

Ready for placement on your mountain or lake front lot, or where ever  your life adventure is calling from!